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I am certain that, together, we can positively affect your life.

 As you may notice, I use the terms Asperger's Syndrome, Asperger traits, Asperger Profile, Neurodiverse and Autism Spectrum Disorder interchangeably.  Although technical terminology uses Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome continues to represent the neurodiverse individuals which I specialize.  You do not need a formal diagnosis to benefit from working with me--simply Asperger Traits.

As a professional, I have worked in the following settings:

  • as a school psychologist where I worked with individuals with a wide range of learning styles 
  • private practice exclusively focused on neurodiversity/Asperger traits. 
  • founded/facilitated a community Asperger's/ASD support group
  • Asperger Syndrome consultant to educators, mental health professionals, and parents 

I am well versed in ADA, Section 504 and Special Education laws and individual disability legislation. I am equipped to help parents navigate the complexities of having a child with neurodiversity throughout their educational career (early childhood-college).

On a personal note, I was married to my son's father (a civil engineer) for 11 years--before neurodiversity was well understood. In 2004, my son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  At that time, I devoured everything that I could find on ASD, attended conferences, consulted with countless specialists, networked with many parents, and studied countless research articles. I home educated my son throughout his middle school years to spare him common peer criticism that often accompanies being neurologically different. I am proud to say that he is a college graduate, in a wonderful relationship and a successful software developer. 

In my humble opinion, Asperger traits/neurodiversity-related issues are nothing short of a superpower, or as my son said it best, at age 10, “An Upgrade."  I whole-heartedly believe that Asperger traits are in fact an "Upgrade" that can reap life-changing benefits with proper support, commitment to compensatory strategies, and enhanced awareness.

I am confident that I can help you achieve the goals you desire. 


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