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ASD diagnosis as an older adult

I really appreciate this article below from Spectrum News. It can be overwhelming for adults to learn for the first the first time that are neurodiverse (on the ASD spectrum). It helps explain so much of their lives, yet is equally hurtful when they reflect on how their life could have been if only they had this knowledge earlier. The good news is that things can get better from diagnosis forward. I have worked with people well into their 60's and 70's whom just learned that they are on the spectrum. It is never easy to hear how they have been treated for being a little different. I firmly believe that we are all on at least one spectrum or ten (wink).

In my ideal world, neurodiversity (along with most differences) would be valued and celebrated. Until that time, the author is correct, we need more school psychologist and more mental health service options period. Life is hard enough and self-knowledge is not asking for too much.  In my humble opinion, when mental health is valued and becomes available to all, everyone wins.  


This article below is great. Greta Thunberg is my hero. She is just one powerful example of neurodiversity.  Love it!


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