" Shawn singlehandedly saved my marriage! I now understand my neurodiverse partner and have the tools to connect in ways I never dreamed." ~Laura M.

"Resourceful, understanding, powerful and direct.  Shawn helped me access important community resources, and re-start tech college."  ~Sid

"I am a parent of an adult son with ASD, and married to someone on the spectrum. Over many years time, I have sought and received from Shawn invaluable insights, creativity, support, resources, warmth, and caring. I often bring Shawn my most daunting ASD challenges, along with feelings of defeat, and always leave with new resources, encouragement, as well as many personalized and effective strategies to try."
~Donna C.

"As an accomplished professional, I was sure that my wife's insistence to try one session with Shawn would be a waste of money and time.  During my first session, I had many epiphanies, as it became readily apparent that Shawn understood key aspects about me.  She helped me in ways too numerous to count. Most importantly, my relationship with my family, friends and at work, are more satisfying.  Without Shawn's help, I would never had been promoted and would have remained perpetually angry." ~ Dr. Todd

"My son worked with Shawn while he was in high-school. He went from being a socially anxious teenager to a college bound confident student. He recently graduated U.C. Davis at the top of his class, and is happy and well-adjusted. I credit Shawn with seeing his potential, teaching him to have fun with his neurological differences, self-acceptance and with teaching him critical life skills to survive in college far from home."    ~V. Seed

" I have known Shawn for over 10 years.  She is the real deal! Her knowledgeable mind along with her compassionate heart make this a winning combination for what she is doing to help those dealing with Asperger's. From my own experience I highly recommend her!"     ~  C. Davis

"Shawn taught me to accept my differences and pushed me to grow in the areas I needed. She is gentle and real. Somehow she makes it easy to really hear tough things. ~Bobby


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