Individual work:

I offer a highly personalized approach to each of my clients. You do not need a formal ASD diagnosis to benefit from my service, simply Asperger traits.  However, if you or someone you care about lives in Arizona we may be able to work in person, as well as telehealth.

Although my service may reduce anxiety and depression,  if you are experiencing co-occurring mental health or medical issues, you will also need to be working with other appropriate  specialists.

From the privacy of your own home, (phone/video sessions), we can address a wide-variety of ASD related issues. 

Each session is 50 minutes and costs $125-$150-.  Clients make the most progress if we work together at least one time per week. 

While insurance does not presently cover my service, some employers offer reimbursement.

My site is secure and PayPalis the best way to pay for service.  If you wish to schedule and pay over the phone, please just let me know in advance.  If you choose to become a regular client, you have the option to pay for a month at a time.

Please complete the appropriate background information form, and confidentiality policy form (both in the Forms Section) and send to [email protected] prior to your first appointment.

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